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Babassu Oil - Our #1

Babassu Oil - Our #1

Still not sure how to say it???  Don't feel bad....I had to look it up also over 3 years ago.  Click this link and hit the megaphone: How to say Babassu

It is a Palm based oil very similar to coconut oil in looks and how it acts.....but the biggest difference is how lightweight this oil truly is.

So lightweight you do not have to actually wash it out of your hair.  I mean if that was the only thing you put in your hair then no washing needed….but I can see the crumbs from your lunch in your beard….so washing is a must.

This oil is loaded with lauric acid, stearic acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid. Spoiler alert…..all great fatty acids for your skin and beard hair!

It is a solid....yeah you read that right....a solid at room temp.  How in the world can you use that in your oil then?  Well mixed at the right concentration and temperature it melts down perfectly.  I wanted to go through this extra step of melting it because I loved it so much and I knew it would be amazing for your beard and skin!

It is so cool...literally.  The melting point is the same temperature as our bodies so that means as it melts on your skin it has a cooling effect that draws out heat from your skin giving you immediate relief.

Babassu Oil is packed with Vitamin E and phytosterols which help reduce redness in the skin, keep moisture from escaping, is anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

It helps lock in moisture so beard hair is less prone to breakage and also helps reduce the frizziness of your beard!  It certainly has earned its place as our number 1.  I hope you enjoy it also!

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