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Most Underrated Company Winner

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Great Hat!!

This is a great hat! The colors look nice together. I really like that the logo isn’t just a patch, but embroidered onto the hat. Overall great hat, great price, and fastest shipping around!

Mega man for the win!!

I found these amazing products through TIK-Tok. I had committed to be clean shaven because my beard is constantly itchy in the growth phase. The other issue I have found with previous products was having to buy a large bottle not knowing if I like the product. With the sample pack you get three nice size samples with free shipping!!!!. Customer service is out of this world! I get to relive my childhood in a modern fashion.

Love this set

I am happy with this set and enjoy the different scents and especially the bottles with their individual characters it takes me back to the Nintendo days and the butter is smooth and not tacky like some I have had tried before. Great products for me and the delivery was fast for being across the country on the other side and during these hard times for everyone and everything. Good buy love it and the 5 ml samples last more then just one or two uses.

Perfect smell

It smells really amazing and the smell last all day!!

Thrilla gorilla oil

The oil Smells good. Doesn't clog my pore's
And was fast shipping!

Best T-Shirt Ever Created

Got a blue one and I couldn't be happier! The fit was perfect and material was on point. The logos bright and people have already been giving me compliments. Will definitely be getting another in a different color.

Premium handmade soaps

This time around I went with the cedarwood soap absolute killer right up there with my favorite which is the vanilla black raspberry black raspberry these 2 are absolutely phenomenal the soap performs as it should leaves your body feeling silky smooth smooth and awesome scent profile I also picked up a second order of orca The sea skipper Cologne I just absolutely love this one it has the right balance of fruits muskinist and a tablet of smoke along with that seascape for Cologne just a phenomenal scentThe sea skipper Cologne I just absolutely love this one it has the right balance of fruits muskinist and a tablet of smoke along with that seascape for Cologne just a phenomenal scent This is a great company to try if you have been wondering quit wondering and purchase

Amazing scents

Putchased the sample pack of oils and loved the Blue Devil. My wife loved it too so ai Ordered a full sized oil and beard butter as one does when you can get a cosign on beard scents!

This smells & feels amazing in beard

Shaun is amazing with the quality of products he makes. The scent is phenomenally good and the feel in beard is equally wonderful. I also love the box it was shipped in looking like a NES.

Best smelling soap ever!!!

I smelled it as soon as I got it outta the mail box!!! It's amazing!!! Need this flavor in beard oil!!!

you're gonna need a bigger beard

what a fantastic fragrance for a beard oil! that tobacco really rounds this out. a well balanced tropical/floral cologne fragrance. great packaging, too. this is another winner from 8-bit. love it!

Love the smell I was sent!!!

I love ordering these so I can discover new smells. Then order the bottles I love the most

Thrilled by the Gorilla

Love the scent on this butter and the artwork is awesome. Highly recommend!

T-oud Town - Beard Oil
Jordan Calderwood
T-oud Town Rocks

Love the fact that the fruit scent is present, but it's not overly sweet or overpowering. The blackberry & oud work very well together to make more of a cologne type scent, which is very pleasing. Love this one, too!

Sample 3 pack

Went with T-oud Town, King Koopa, and the company pick was Blue Devil. All three are exactly as described scent wise and all three smell fantastic. Only downside is that I shoulda just went with full size bottles. All of 8-Bits products feel great in beard and the customer service is top notch.

The Orca Oil and Butter

The Orca is a fantastic scent. You get the tropical vibes, but the tobacco and musk help mellow everything out. The butter is silky smooth, melts quickly, and doesn't feel tacky. The earthier tones come through a little bit more in the butter. So combined with the oil, you get nice layers or scent. As with all of 8-Bit's products, you get a great feel in beard. To top all of that off, Shaun provides excellent customer service.

Thrilla Gorilla Butta

As with all of Shaun's butters this leaves my beard feeling soft, nourished, and manageable. One of my favorite butters out there! If you like Oak and Musk I definitely recommend this scent. I wasn't 100% sure how I would like this one but I was pleasantly surprised. Grab some today and Level Up Your Beard Game!

Black Forest Soap

Really enjoying the scent of this bar and as with all of the soaps from 8 bit they leave my skin feeling soft and clean. If you have not tried any of these soaps, do yourself a favor a pick a few up today!

Ilu Guys

Ilu Shaun


I get a tropical scent from this profile and it is amazing. This man knows what the beard needs to get it feeling right. Too notch

Captain Quint Approved 👍

Orca is a fitting tribute to the memory of its namesake Boat and its Captain. Not only does it smell fantastic but it feels wonderful in Beard as well. The scent lasts for a pretty decent amount of time and it pairs well with Nautica and Coolwater Colognes. This was my first order from 8-Bit. Honestly I only bought it because I am an avid Jaws fan (Doing a family Jaws costume for Halloween this year 😉) but I am very glad I did. Also as a Correctional Officer I am glad that 8-Bit uses GOVX so I am able to get discounts. My only complaint if I had to give one would be that I was hoping for a few samples to see if I would be interested in trying any other scents from them and I did not receive any. Every other company I order from always sends a few so not receiving any with my order was really the only negative. Hopefully on future orders that will change. Bring back Orca for next Summer and until then Here's to swimming with bow legged women 🍻

The orca beard oil and butter

The scent profile on this is amazing the tobacco finish is so smooth but very proper really brings out everything together This sea skipper Cologne is very nice long lasting with nice Seesalt some lime and aqua dijorType of feel I recommend this brand company And everything they have to offer as far as their ingredients are top notch and beard and feeling the next morning they're excellent everything Is a must have

Bubble Man - Beard Oil
Jordan Calderwood
Float away with bubble man

Great scent, picked this one up along with metal man. Can't decide which one I like more! Another one in the cologne line, and it's a winner in my book. Nice and mellow, lasts the whole day.

Sample Pack: Hero of Time, Bubble Man. and Orca

My first order from this company and needless to say I loved it! 2 out of three are cologne scents so i dont wear them that much, but they are all very pleasant, Ocra and Hero especially. It's an incredible feel in beard and i think it also helped with my eyebrow dandruff too!

this scent really grew on me as at first I underestimated the strength of the Oak, but the Bermagot and Amber really soften it. It has that enchanted Lost Woods aroma. I accidentally dropped the bottle so i can't say much else, but I'll be getting a full one very soon as it's pretty much my favorite thus far.

Bubble Man:
Bubble Man to a T, I'm not too familiar with cologne fragences but it's real clean and light, almost like soapy bubbles but in a good way.

The other cologne scent i got as the company pick in my order. I didn't think I'd like it at first as I'm not too fond of coconut, but it really works with this one. It's more of a land-tropical scent to me, the top notes make it a bit sweet, though the base notes calmly musk up the aroma in a very pleasant and smooth way. I love wearing it around the house.

Amazing scent

I recently purchased T-oud Town beard oil and butter. The scent is fantastic. The feel in beard is great and the butter leaves your beard soft.