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Most Underrated Company Winner

Based on 447 reviews
You need this beard oil

Tried out a couple of the sample packs to test the waters, owner threw in a free Orca sample (much appreciated). I’ll start off with how the oil feels. It’s a high quality slightly heavier than medium consistency. Spreads nicely and leaves your beard feeling, and looking, fantastic. The first two scents I tried were Hero Of Time and Cut Man. Hero Of Time achieves what many oils promise but fail, a smokey scent that actually smells smokey and not powdery. I could go on for days about how great Hero Of Time is. It’s one that I think needs to be on peoples must have list. Cut Man is one of the best barbershop scents you’ll find. It starts out with a sharp lemon/lime (like a fresh 7up) that quickly fades to this clean, crisp barbershop with talc. I can’t recommend 8-bit enough.

As you wish

This oil and butter is the best I have used. The smell is down right amazing. It makes your beard feel fresh and moisturized.

As u wish

It is fire as **** I love it about to buy 2 or 3 more bottles

Best Beard Butter Ever? Maybe. Best Customer Service Ever? Absolutely.

This beard butter is the business. The ingredients work perfectly in softening my beard, moisturizing my skin, and taming any wild fur. In addition to that, the guys at 8bit seriously provide some of the best customer service I've ever received. I had a concern with the strength of the scent on a different product and they did everything they could to make it right and did so immediately, once my concern was raised. You can have faith in 8bit that you're getting a quality product and that they care about you as a customer.

Lavender | Bar Soap
Victoria Ryan
Perfect products

Perfect delivery time. Perfect packaging--no waste or flood of ads. Perfect color. Perfect aroma.

Repeat Customer

Great products...Quick delivery. Can't ask for more. Looking forward to purchasing from their expanded line of hygiene products.

Saturday morning cartoons

A nice long lasting candle with an awesome scent really enjoy it

It just makes scents!

The beard oils and balms are particularly great. Great scents for any occasion and the work really well. On top of that, the personal touches with the service really solidify 8 Bit at great company!

Straight outta da chair...

Cut man is a classic barbershop scent, clean, fresh and powdery. Like when the barber loads his brush with talc and cleans the back of your neck. Thanks Shaun!!

Amazing Smell!

I only have one complaint about this beard oil and that is that every time I put it on it make me hungry. The birthday cake smell is amazing. I don't know how they got it so close to the real thing but it really does make me crave cake. IT works well in beard and isn't too thin or heavy an oil. If you like the smell of cake then this oil is for you!

Best Butters Around

As far as I'm concerned 8Bit has the best beard butters out there. It's smooth, creamy and scent matches their oils better than anyone's! 8Bit Party is a great scent too, light n fruity and creamy cake! Definitely a keeper!

Sample pack

What a great product. The scents are amazing they last a long time, not overpowering either. Feels great in beard, leaves beard super soft and feeling great! I would highly recommend 8-bit Beard co. I will definitely be ordering more products.

It’s Time to Party

Hoping that 8-Bit Beard Co really enjoyed their birthday party this year and boy am I glad to have joined. Because this delicious smelling oil is so nice. It has a wonderful oil blend, as do all of 8 Bit’s oils, and the cake and fruit scent that comes with it is wonderful. Well done and here’s to many more years!

Awesome party in your beard!

Lighthearted Fun Scent

Literally smells like cake, it’s a great fun scent I use to before bed sometimes but mostly during a lounge day. Great to see how far 8bit has come. I still remember when they only had The Hero of Time and The Spirit Maiden does that make me an OG!? Just kidding love the scent and excited to see what’s coming next.


This oil smells fantastic and the feeling in beard in phenomenal

Party Time

Like a light citrus scent with a creamy cake batter base? I DO! 8Bit Party is definitely a keeper! Besides what I think is the best butters around their oils are great too! If you know already, you know. If you don't know I highly recommend you try them!

Favorite butter

Definitely favorite butter! I use butter during the day and night this is my favorite to use during the day as it is a full bodied butter and helps with styling my beard a bit.

Been using Duck Hunter consistently the past few months and I love using it. 8-Bit is one of my favorite feel in beards and using Duck Hunter has confirmed that without being distracted by any scents. Any scents from the carriers don't linger for more than a minute or so, if that. If you enjoy using unscented products, want an unscented product to compliment a scented product, or wanting to appreciate the carriers without a scent, then I would definitely recommend adding Duck Hunter to your rotation.

Cutman Butter

Writing this review at 2:45pm after applying Cutman Beard Butter at 6:15am this morning. I still smell fresh and clean like I just walked out of a barber shop. And yes, my beard feels soft too. 8Bit never disappoints.

Gotta go Fast!

This was my first purchase from 8bit. Sonic has always been one of my favorite games, and now blue devil is one of my favorite scents. Hint of sweet fruit when applying and turns to a rich leather. I’ve used 100s of different brands and 8bit is now my top. The oil is light and absorbs well, while the scent lasts all day.

Mega man 2 oil

Phenomenal scent n feel in beard highly highly recommended dont miss out on this

Amazing products

Love both the Toud Town and mega man 2! Both scents are great and oil is top notch! Will do more business with this company. Just wish they could have kept old designs especially for duck hunter lol.

Mega Man 2 | Beard Oil
Allen Scheuermann
Such a clean, fresh scent!!

Mega man 2 is an amazing barbershop scent! It’s a clean and fresh in all the best ways. It’s been added to my top shelf of favs!!

Awesome butter

Really lightweight and smells fantastic, can’t wait to try more from this company