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Beard oil

Excellent product and great sent profile this take on is spot on. Last up to somewhere around 5 + HOURS the owner is a great guy and always willing to help you out if you're in need I will be buying more soon can't wait for more new drops.

Great product

I watched a YouTube video (bearded outdoorsman) on this company and thought "What the heck. I'll give them a try". I'm so glad I did. The only problem I have now is that I can't decide on a favorite!! Great scent profiles, great feel in beard and my beard and face like the ingredients. I will definitely be ordering more, and would recommend this company to anyone asking.

Amazing Scent

I tried this product the day after recieving it. The shipping was fast and it was packaged well. I'm so happy I went with 8bit among a few other small batch businesses. Also, Shaun your awesome and bless your family. Looking forward to trying your other products!

King Koopa - Beard Oil
Bradley Miller

This scent is a really nice smooth tobacco scent...not overpowering or to strong...I like this one alot...oil blend is top notch... feels great, absorbs great, and styles great as well... overall 8bit is a must try...

Leaves Ya Feeling Really Clean

If you want a natural soap that doesn't have a heavy scent and gets you clean, this is a winner! It smells nice but its a very light scent. What this soap does do great is make your skin feel good and nice and clean! Will be including this in my regular orders of the Almond/Coconut soap - which is the best smelling soap ever!

Great cologne scents

Some of the best cologne scented beard oils out there. The scent isn’t overpowering and tends to last 5 hours or so. Shaun did a great job and I look forward to more Megaman themed oils!

tangerine grapefruit dream

man, oh man. this soap smells so good. i use it strictly on my face/beard/hair and it keeps everything nice, soft, and manageable. these soaps are a great price for the size, too. this makes bathin' fun!


one of the most unique barbershop scents out there. i don't know how the lemon lime aspects of this work so well, but it's a really cool scent. very bright and fizzy in the bottle, but once you warm it up in your hands it just takes on a whole new life. i continue to love wearing these oils daily. they always keep my beard looking fresh and hydrated. don't sleep on this one!

electric blue

this is such a great leather scent. it's extremely well balanced and is a damn fine treat to have in my beard all day. these oils are so well mixed from the carrier oils to the fragrances. i love the attention to detail. i can't thank shaun enough for the excellent customer service.

Hand Soap

This hand soap body soap is excellent I absolutely love This one it's very good for the whole body everything everything even the kids can't get their hands off of this 1 I'll be buying more of these the ingredients are awesome and it makes your body feel great I don't have any pictures because I've already used this product

Hand Soap

Their hand soaps body soaps bars are excellent I absolutely love them I've ordered a few of the black raspberry one vanilla and a few of the great fruit and I plan on doing it again I don't have any pictures because I use them and I use them quick they lasted about 3 weeks I'd say 1 bar giver take

Oil and butter combo

Very unique leather smell and tropical scent it's a hit-and-miss For me I have multiple combos from this company company and I love all of them this 1 this 1 I don't know what it is but It's not one of my favorites It is not greasy it does not Stay heavy on beard it soaks in very well II do like it for that I just don't know sometimes it messes with my nose is the reason why I may not like this one that much gets my allergies going

Oil and butter combo

Hands down one of my favorite peach pipe tobacco sents this is a great 1 highly recommended if you're into that excellent Not greasy The smell is absolutely phenomenal it's just great smelling peach with pipe tobacco very subtle hints up tobacco it's not overwhelming it's not smokey it's very well blended Highly recommended check this one out


Very good Barbershop sent it is unique in its own way but still holds the classic Barbershop feel as this is a good collab with Mega man I personally like this 1A lot this is in my top 3 on Barbershop sents right now for me personally I really recommend this company they are great to work with awesome ingredients and products that are hand made an awesome sents Support local. businesses support small business... they have great smelling candles everything


Hands down one of my favorite Butters that's kids the consistency and the smoothness of this is excellent and I absolutely cannot keep my nose out of it as it's just purely smells of peach and hence and hints of pipe tobacco it is killer very good job πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ

Oil and butter combo

This is a very unique scent the leather profile on it along with the tropical I have quite a few different oils oils and Butters from this company and I enjoy a lot of them this one is very unique like I said so it's either a hit or a miss for most people sure Superior ingredients and excellent customer service I do have a few products from this company and I enjoy them

Oil and butter combo

I really enjoy this blend of Barbershop smell is unique in its own way but still carries that Barbershop smell Great ingredients and absolute best customer satisfaction This company is great to work with as their products do wonders


My new go to for my night routine..absorbs great...leaving the beard super's a must have

Oud to Joy!

This was my first time purchasing from 8Bit and I am thoroughly impressed! The scent profile of the Blackberry Oud was also my first time trying something with fruity undertones. I was immediately reminded of my hometown during the harvest, the blackberry is subtle yet present.

Knight Man - Beard Oil
Fabrice Robin
Knight Man smells sooo good.

Wow this is an awesome mature cologne scent. Shaun, you really know what you are doing and I always can’t wait to see what you will do next. This is a great scent perfect for a night out. I feel like a smooth dude when I have this in beard haha.

Knight Man is the true boss!

I like cologne based scents and when this lineup came out I was really excited. Knight Man was the scent profile that stood out most to me and OH. MY. GOODNESS. It is amazing! Far and away the best cologne scent of any beard product I own. And, most importantly, the feel in beard is amazing. My beard absolutely loves this oil: I consider it quite possibly the best oil I have overall! Way to go, Shaun!

Knight man

This is by far my favorite in the series thus far. Goes on fresh and transforms into masculine stank you look for in a great cologne like fragrance. This one is πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ don't sleep on it

Steel man

Perfect throw back to a smooth polo red like cologne scent. πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»

Amazing smell

Sean has done it again. Not just because I helped launch this is the reason I like it. This cologne line is a must have. The take a sauvage Dior that Sean did with knight man is amazing.


Oil blend is already AMAZING! Works extremely well for my beard. 8-bit has become my favorite, #1. As far as the scent profile it is bright while applying at first, which I assume may be the Bergamot. It then changes into this amazing cologne profile that makes you enjoy it even better. If you were looking for a cologne type of scented beard oil this is the one for you. Add 8-Bit Beard Co. to your growing collection today!