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color me very impressed. i love how this makes my beard feel. the carrier oil blend is top notch, indeed. this also makes a great hair oil, fyi. this is also the best tobacco vanilla scent i've found in my many years of beard caring. this is really well balanced and the little kick of citrus really does make all the difference in the world. most tobacco vanilla profiles are too vanilla forward to me, and this really gets it right where so many go wrong. if long lasting fragrance is your jam, then this oil will do you right. i get different notes from the scent profile throughout the day without it being overbearing and obnoxious. i am so glad i decided to give this stuff a try.

Duck hunter butter

Easily one of the best butters in beard care hands down! Best part besides absolutely no scent and a little bit goes a long way. I only have to use a portion of what i would have to use from the other guys nor as nearly as nourishing as it feels.

Thrilla gorilla

Amazing products from one of my favorite companies! This is easily one of my top 3 scents from this company. The scent is a very clean an lightly musky fresh oak cologne πŸ‘Œ DO NOT PASS UP

The hero

Amazing feel in beard and the scent is like a brisk hike through a mystic forest

Bowser Would Approve!!!

This seriously is such a fun, unique scent. I can wear this everyday, anytime of the year. The labels/artwork look phenomenal and look awesome on the shelf. Its definitely a vanilla tobacco with fresh citrus hints. I highly recommend this one. King Koopa is one of my all-time favorites, and is my favorite from 8-Bit. Lastly, the feel in beard from the oil and butter are top notch. One of the best out there right now. Super happy with this purchase!!!

Brian you are awesome man! Thanks for all of the support!

Fantastic scent

Well,I have many scents from different beard brands and this Is by far nΓΊmero UNO!fresh peach scent that isn’t overpowering but enough to last!!GET IT!!

That Peach just hits different......I this one. Thanks for the review!

T-oud Town - Beard Oil
Justin Simmons

First time customer I heard good things about the company.I was very pleased to add this to my collection.i love oud an the blackberry mixed well with the oud .The feel in beard is high quality as well looking forward to trying more future customer!!

Welcome aboard!!! Love hearing about first time purchases and experiences!

Awesome date night scent!

I don't know why I waited for this to be the last scent to get to complete the 8-bit collection. I wore it on a night out and just like the game I got the princess at the end lol. Amazing all around musky cologne scent that lasted hours! Highly recommend the combo.

Dustin!!! Thanks for the awesome review......I don't wear this one enough but need to get this back in rotation! It is a great one!

Hammered Bro...🀘πŸ”₯🀘

The apple cider,bourban w the cognac,vanilla n cedar. OMG!!! Hits ya right n the nose w an amazing scent that will smell great n your man mane for a good 6/8hrs w a medium to light viscosity leaving your beard soft like cotton all day. So be the envy of every beard around ya n get some 8bit products for your beard...πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

One of the best butters in beard I have tried to date!

I was a little surprised to see the butter come in a 2 oz vs a 4 oz container, but found it is due to a little going a long way with this quality product. I only use about half the amount of butter from 8 Bit I would need to use from the competition. The beard feels so soft when I put it in after my morning and nightly routine and it always feels great and healthy. Very nourishing! I will buy this again with their oils as it does not interfere with 8 Bit’s AMAZING scents!

Yes!!!!! Love hearing this......and we may have a larger than 2oz butter coming out in the near future....shhhhhhh!!! haha


Just a great boozy scent plus it helped out a good cause.

Peach butter

If u haven't tried the butter yet then what are u waiting for?! Easily one of the best butters around and if peach isn't your thing there is always duck hunter(unscented). Scent wise its the sweetest juicy peach I've found!

Lvl up sample pack

If your on the fence on which scent to pick or want a cost effective way to try them all then look no further. With some of the best carrier blends and scents around you dont want to pass up on this banger of a deal!

8 Bit is top notch

Great feel in beard and nice scent!

T-oud Town

Breaks down in hands perfectly, feels great in beard. Smells good. Definitely go for it!


This was an amazing oil and I really hope it will be brought back in the future as a limited release from time to time. The scent is expertly blended with clear notes of banana, vanilla, a hint of chocolate, and I think even a scent of waffle cone. I would buy again and would really love this scent in other shower products (gels/shampoo/ect...)

Hey Erik! I think we will bring this back in the summer for sure. I have had so many requests for it I think we need to in the oil. Thanks for the great review!

Excellent stuff

High quality oil and butter with only the best ingredients. When you first apply the oil it has an almost menthol like quality and scent to it. I don't know what it is but it's nice when brushed in right out of a shower. That scent fades quickly and is replaced with a great blackberry with oud underneath. As the day goes on the sweetness and fruit of the blackberry steps back a little bit and the oud really steps out in front. Great combination of scents.

The butter is also awesome. Different consistency than any other I've tried. It melts to liquid instantly and really gets absorbed even into my hands without leaving a greasy mess. Most butters you really have to work between your hands to melt but not this one.

Great stuff and the company has an awesome theme too. Will definitely be trying more from 8 bit

John!!!! Wow......thank you for taking the time and putting down some amazing words. Appreciate it for sure!

The best company

I officially own every scent and 8bit has truly become my go to beard company. The best feel in beard long lasting scents, and a little something for everyone. Personal favorite is princess peach, hero of time and thrilla gorilla. Owner is amazing a great man. When I was worried a package was lost from my first order he personally notified me when it was found. Will always buy any products that come out and can't wait to see what he has in store. Keep up the amazing hard work you have been doing.

Jacob my man! You are awesome! Thanks for the glowing reviews!

Thrilla Gorilla

I'm very picky about oils and scents. 8bits oil has one of the very best feel in beard, but this scent truly is phenomenal. The oak and musk go together perfectly. Long lasting and pleasant without overpowering.

Ken....Thank you!!! Love hearing this.

Woah! This stuff is amazing

I had been wanting to try Shaun's stuff for some time so I finally pulled the trigger. I am normally not a sweet scent profile kind of guy but I figured I would give this a go seeing how I love cherry and green apple, and of course it has my favorite video game characters on the bottle. When it arrived I loved the scent profile, and wore it the next day. Let me say, I have not had a beard oil yet that took to my beard as well as this has. Instantly beard was soft and the scent is amazing, my beard is coarse and thick and I needed a product that would do the job and this certainly has done that! Great stuff Shaun, can't wait to try some more of your products.....oh....GO BLUE!

Is there a way to edit this and take Go Blue out?!?!? oh sorry writing out loud....haha....Thanks for the kind words!

Great scent!

This was my first order from 8Bit and I was looking for something with more of a woody event to it. I really like how this smells: it’s not overpowering, but lasts for several hours. And it feels real nice in my beard!

Best smell/flavor hands down

I’ve got 4 different scents from 8 bit and the cherry green apple makes my wife say β€œyum” from other parts of the house! LOL

Why is Smash Bros Being Retired!?!

I already loved Second Banana for the its in beard feel and scent and thought I would give Smash Bros a try because I do have a thing for cherry scents. Well let me tell you, this is now one of my top 3 beard oil scents! I like this one better than Second Banana, and did I mention I loved Second Banana, lol!?! Well I just ordered a stock me up order so I can keep this scent around for a while since its being retired. Might I suggest everyone making a run on this scent and Second Banana so they will be brought back out of retirement at least for limited runs, especially while they are on sale for the amazing price that they are for another week and a half! Buy Smash Bros if you like cherry scents with a twist! This is sooo good!

Awesome Sample Kit

What a great way to try 6 scents! All felt great in beard! Will be making a future purchase! Thanks again Shaun

Best smell you guys have. Hands down

Love all their product but the apple one is good enough that it wakes my wife up when I’m getting ready for work and every time she tells me to hurry home! LOL.