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T-oud Town - Beard Oil
Pete Filicetti
Fantastic scent, great feel in beard

The scent on T-oud Town is so good, I ordered a candle and beard butter in T-oud Town. The beard oil feels great in beard and leaves me with a soft, non-greasy feeling beard. I will definitely be buying again!


Great product smells great

great products

For most of my bearded life I have made my own products. But do to recent life changes my shelf space was greatly reduced. So I needed to find a company that would replace my mad hatter sized kit into a more manageable size for apartment living.

In comes 8 bit. The creative name and artwork got my attention. The fantastic product will keep me as a customer. My plan was to try 8 bit and move to another company until I found the one. But I'll be damned if I didn't find the one the first try. Not only does my gray mane feel soft and lovely. But it feels thicker than before. This stuff is 8 bit magic.

This stuff is top notch

This was my first try with 8 Bit and I'm glad I did. The scent is very pleasant with the berry and oud hitting you first. The oil is a clear golden color and medium thickness and absorbs great into skin.Now I need to try more scents and some soap.

Amazing Smell

There’s really not much more to say besides that it also feels amazing. I’m not sure if it’s recommended or not, but I use the oil, then the butter and rub it around for a while and then rub the excess around up my face and into my hair. My hair feels amazing and smells great now.

Finish him butter

Get over here!! And try this butter for yourself, it’s a must try. The butter is perfect for nighttime nourishment, it melts down great and rinses out perfectly in the morning. The scent was good in the jar but in beard it is amazing, manly, yet calming and relaxing. This has worked its way into my night routine.

Super Good

The feel in beard from these products are amazing and the king Koopa scent is absolutely terrific. Kind of reminds me of a vanilla cream soda mixed with sweet pipe tobacco. So nice!

When you get back from Earthworld and you just wanna sleep

Man I just got back from Earthworld and imma tell you what, that place is crazy. Some old feller is there trying to eat people's souls and can change his body into theirs. He got this ashy-looking ninja turtle feller with 4 arms who whoops people's behinds in some tournament and if he wins, this other feller with a hammer takes over the earth. Then these guys showed up: two guys in pajamas, a lady who shoots bracelets, a feller who likes to punch people in the junk, a bootleg Bruce Lee, a dude with a robot eyeball, and a flying feller with a pointy hat. And man lemme tell you what, they were fightin' like it was 99% off eggs at the Piggly Wiggly: rippin' heads off and whatnot. Finally one of them beat up that ashy ninja turtle and beat up the decrepit-lookin' old dude and I was finally able to return home. When I got back I had a long beard and couldn't sleep due to the horrors I witnessed in Earthworld. Luckily I found this here butter to help calm me down and send me to DreamLand (where there happens to live this vaccum-pillow monster, but that's for another story)

Tl;dr: all jokes aside, this butter is FANTASTIC. The scent is really pleasant and calming and is perfect for nighttime or anytime!


This quickly moved up to one of my favorite scents! I now have four different scents from 8 Bit and dig them all!

Best Soap Around.

I absolutely love the soap. It reminds me a lot of Dr Squatch but it’s just so much better. It has a very nice lather and my skin feels great after!

T-oud Town - Beard Oil
Fabrice Robin
Mature Manly Luxuorius Scent

I really love this scent, and I cannot get enough. I definitely see what all the hype is about. Its a deep engulfing rich scent. Wore it on New Years and got a lot of compliments, which always makes me feel good. That blackberry smells amazing. Thanks again Shaun.

Finish Him - Beard Oil
Cory Weatherbee
Finish Him Beard Oil

My skin and beard soak this oil up and feel very nourished throughout the day. The scent is classy and smooth making it a perfect choice for any day of the year or at night before bed. Snag one up! You won’t regret it!

Finish Him - Beard Butter
Cory Weatherbee
Finish Him Beard Butter

This butter is super smooth and leaves my beard feeling amazing. The scent is relaxing and enjoyable making it perfect to use before bed. Well done, 8-bit!

Finish him butter

When I first opened it I was like ok not what I was expecting scent wise.put in beard and wow it opens up. The butter is great makes my beard soft the scent is a great night time scent for me. Definitely will buying more

Fantastic Feel & Fragrance.

T-Oud Town from 8-Bit Beard Co is a game-changer! Not only does it make my beard feel amazing and soft, but the blackberry oud fragrance is creative and long-lasting. Highly recommend!

Great Soap

Smells great

Mega Cut Man - Beard Oil
Christopher Recinos

Love the scent, love the feel in beard. Love everything about this oil

Thrilla gorilla is top banana

After trying the sample pack I got previously I bought the full back of thrilla gorilla. It’s so good that it’s hard some days to not use only that one. Don’t sleep on this one. I’ve used a few different cologne scented oils from other companies and this one is easily one of the best I’ve ever had

The Thrilla Gorilla

Ridiculously smooth scent! Super impressed, quality always from 8-Bit. I wear this for work and scent lasts all day long!

Great options

Fantastic option for folks looking to try a few new scents or even keep a few small bottles to carry on the’s well worth the the small price you pay for it. I highly suggest trying this if you are new to 8 Bit

Hammered Bro - Beard Butter (Seasonal)
John Kearney
Hammered Bro......Another Masterpiece

Wheels were turning when I saw the holiday combination of apple & Bourbon, and just how could those two compliment one another? All I can say is, wow, this scent is awesome. The performance of everything from 8 Bit is top tier quality. This is a nice personal twist on a holiday scent that's in a category all by itself. Chalk up another WIN for 8 Bit

Hammered Bro - Beard Butter (Seasonal)

Awesome seasonal scent!

Hammered Bro - Beard Butter (Seasonal)
Andrew Marron
Great stuff

Scent of warmed apple cider is distinctive and noticable, but not obnoxious or overpowering. Perfect scent for Fall and Winter. They really nailed this one!

Mega Cut Man - Beard Oil
Elizabeth Hurley
Haven't received it yet

Can't review I haven't received product yet.