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8-bit Beard Co. was started in Ohio by Shaun Ryan in 2019.

Once old enough to grow stubble, Shaun (continuing the unspoken family tradition) always had lots of facial hair.  Sometimes very well groomed and other times......errrr.....not so much haha.  Mainly because it takes effort and practice to achieve understanding of any skill, even growing an Epic Beard.

He would often be referred to as “Chuck Norris” or “Redbeard” through the years and friends would comment that his beard was too perfect to be real.

With a beard like that (and many bearded brothers) he and his family cannot go anywhere without someone shouting, “that’s a nice f*king beard, man!” Shaun has spent over the last 15 years building and perfecting his own beard while helping others grow their own.

He finally decided to turn that passion into a business called 8-bit Beard Co. The brand has launched with a line of Beard Care to help men achieve their own version of a killer beard!