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The finish him oil is amazing. The scent profile is top notch. This is a great night time scent to help you unwind and relax after a long day.

Finish Him

Oh yeah! I love frankincense smell. This has that orange tangy hint makes it very nice.

Finish Him Beard Oil

My skin and beard soak this oil up and feel very nourished throughout the day. The scent is classy and smooth making it a perfect choice for any day of the year or at night before bed. Snag one up! You won’t regret it!


This profile shows as a nighttime oil and Shaun has hit it right on the head. Seems like a lot of companies go the lavender/chamomile route and that can be overpowering after a while. Now, Finish Him does have lavender but it blends so well with the orange, cherry wood and vanilla bean that it gives it just enough punch. Heck, sometimes I wear it during the day when I’m being lazy around the house. Way to go Shaun, keep up the good work!!

Joe Petrillo
8Bit Beard Co

Upon receiving my first 8bit order I was blown away! Super impressed! This company quickly got a spot in my top favorites! The packing, the bottles, and the delivery time were all great! The black raspberry vanilla soap smells amazing and made my skin so soft and it lathers awesome! The oils and butters are both very unique compared to anything else I’ve tried and I LOVE THEM! I got finish him and t oud town. Both smell fantastic and I highly recommend both. Finish him is a complex calming nighttime scent which could be worn any time of day in my opinion and t oud town is a great oud type cologne with awesome
Blackberry added into it. Both scents are not over or under whelming. They are just perfect amount of strength and long lasting! 10/10 first experience and I HIGHLY recommend trying 8 bit!