Pink Peach - Wood Wick Candle

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Each candle is handcrafted in my shop and always strive to bring you the best products of the highest quality. 

If you love peach, you will fall in love with this scent. 

Pink Peach is a smooth pipe tobacco base scent that will last for hours.  Top notes include warmed peach and juicy papaya.  When we make this butter our entire shop smells like we are cooking ripe and juicy peaches.  A smell so good you could eat it....but please don't.....this is for your skin and hair!

Scent profile: Fresh Peach Tobacco

Size: 3" Wide x 2" Tall Container

Net Wt: 6.5oz Coconut/Soy Wax Blend (All Natural)

Burn Time: 30+ hours

Wick: Crackling Wood Wick (Sustainably Sourced)

The Coconut/Soy Wax Blend:

  • Is all natural & sourced in the USA
  • Burns cleaner than other waxes, such as paraffin
  • Leaves less soot and pollutants in the air

The Wood Wicks:

  • Are sustainably sourced
  • Crackle and burn slow
  • Create a very warm and inviting experience

Metal Tin Containers:

  • Can be reused and recycled
  • Are lighter and reduce fuel consumption when shipped
  • Overall tin has a less enviromental impact than traditional glass containers

To maximize the life of your candle:

  • Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time
  • The initial burn should be at least 2 hours to establish a good burn pattern
  • Keep wick trimmed to 1/4"....this is a big one.  If you find your candle goes out quickly after lighting....TRIM THE WICK!!!

See our YouTube Channel for Candle Tips and Safety!

8-bit Beard Co. Wood Wick Candle Tips

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeremy N
Pink peach candle

Ordered pink peach candle, “smells freakn’ awesome”, and received free wax melts and free beard oil sample. Top notch company. Waiting for my current 8bit oils to get low so i can order more. Thanks shaun, ya’ll killin it!

Kevin Winters
Pink Peach candle

Bought this candle on release day oh my this candle scent is so freaking amazing I had to order the beard oil it’s that good guys my wife is wowed by Shaun’s candles & beard products way to go 8 bit !!