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Power-Up Sample 3 Pack

It's Easy.......PICK 3 Scents. (each in 5mL glass bottles with dropper).  This is equal to 1/2 oz in volume in 3 different scents!

We can't add every scent under each option due to website hosting limits.  If you would like different scents please order another 3 pack or...

If you want ALL 11 SCENTS + a 2oz Fragrance-Free Beard Butter for $65 then pick up our Power-UP Mega Starter Pack Click Here

Main Line

T-oud Town - Blackberry, Cypress, Oud

King Koopa - Citrus, Sweet Pipe, Vanilla

Blue Devil - Mango, Floral Apple, Leather

Finish Him - Orange, Frankincense, Lavender

Hero of Time - Spice, Smoked Vanilla, Oud

Thrilla Gorilla - Sweet Lemon, Oak Barrel, Musk

Mega Cut Man - Carbonated Citrus, Barbershop

Duck Hunter - Fragrance-Free

Metal Man - Cranberry, Saffron, Red Wood

Knight Man - Bergamot, Pepper, Woody Ambroxan

Bubble Man - Citrus, Vanilla, Cedar

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Watson
Great options

Fantastic option for folks looking to try a few new scents or even keep a few small bottles to carry on the go.it’s well worth the the small price you pay for it. I highly suggest trying this if you are new to 8 Bit

Chris vankeirsbulck

Love all the scents I got the feel In beard is top notch got finish him bubble man and knight man favorite is knight man

Jeremy N
Power-Up Sample 3 Pack

Great way to figure out which scent is your fav, also free shipping is a plus. As always the oil is awesome.

Great Product!!

I recently found 8-bit beard co. Shaun makes an outstanding product, and he also has great customer service!!

Chris Perez
The 3 vials of power!

Several millennia ago a prophecy was written about 3 vials of power, created by King Shaun of the kingdom 8-bit. The elixir within those vials were forged from the oils of the mighty dragon Babassu and the giant cucumbers of the land called Ohio. Upon sending a raven to the kingdom of 8-bit, requesting access to the vials, you may be chosen by King Shaun to participate in the Sample Trials. They include such near-impossible feats as beating Level 2-2 in Ninja Gaiden, throwing the blasted rope in TMNT, and assisting Fester with his Quest. Upon completing these tasks, King Shaun will grace you - with help of the army called USPS - with the three vials of power. When applied to your beard, you shall gain the looks of the Power Glove and the beard softness of which songs will be written for eons.

Tl;dr - these oils are incredible and the sample pack is a great way to try several scents!