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Cory W
Power-Up Mega Sample Starter Pack (FREE US Shipping)

This sample pack is amazing! Such a great variety of fragrances to choose from, and an absolutely incredible carrier blend that makes my beard and skin feel awesome. Great work Shaun! I also love the packaging on each sample, showcasing unique characters that make it easy to choose which fragrance I want to wear for the day.

Brandon Hayslette
My new favorite!

I got my samples probably close to a month ago now. I wanted to give all of the oils multiple wears. I also waited this long because I’ve been let down by other beard brands in the past. I’d get too excited after putting something in for the first time, but long term I don’t like it for one reason or another .

I won’t make this long because this is simple. I haven’t enjoyed anything like I have the 8 bit products. I get excited very morning because I get to put in butter and an oil. I have a few purchases of full size oils coming up! If you’re in any doubt, just do the right thing and buy them. Shaun is the best, seriously. Awesome customer service. He’s so helpful and I love his mission of helping others in need. I also got a hand written note by one of his kids on my packing slip! Support a small, family owned business!

William Roberg

Smells are great

Shane C.
Sample pack

While not all of the scents would be a first choice for me personally, they are all great and I can respect the creativity and dedication that this company gives. The butter is great and I love the way the oil feels in beard. Quality products and caring owner. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Johnny Menjivar
Best oils

Best oils hands down the bottles the stickers the scents. The note supporting a small business the stickers great stuff the sampler pack is the best way on finding one of the scents your might like but in the end you will like all of them.