The Second Banana - Beard Oil (Seasonal)

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The Second Banana.
  A Sweet and fun scent to have in your collection.  Known for tagging along with a peanut gun we just had to make this a Banana Split Sundae.  You will find notes of Creamy Ice Cream, Bananas that are drizzled with caramel, fudge, nuts and of course it has a cherry on top!

Scent profile: Banana Split Sundae

Size: 1oz Glass Bottle w/ Restrictor

Soften, Nourish & Condition Your Skin and Beard to Alleviate Beard Itch and Improve Your Beard Health

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Schneider

The Second Banana - Beard Butter (Seasonal Limited)

Erik Jacobson

This was an amazing oil and I really hope it will be brought back in the future as a limited release from time to time. The scent is expertly blended with clear notes of banana, vanilla, a hint of chocolate, and I think even a scent of waffle cone. I would buy again and would really love this scent in other shower products (gels/shampoo/ect...)

Hey Erik! I think we will bring this back in the summer for sure. I have had so many requests for it I think we need to in the oil. Thanks for the great review!

Dustin Rorer
You owe me like 7 bucks

Making a scent that makes you (a grown man) go to the store and buy stuff to make a banana split just because 8-Bit nailed the scent! Swear this is my favorite, keep up the awesome work!

Mike D.
Nothing 2nd About It, This is Top Banana!

If you like Banana splits with nuts, this beard oil will keep you hungry all day! It smells great, but more importantly it works to keep your beard softer and keep the itches at bay! I highly recommend it!

Bearded Cheesehead
My Favorite

The second banana is my favorite scent from 8-Bit, when you get this out of bottle and warm it up in your hands CLOSE YOUR EYES you get the whole banana split in one little 1oz Bottle. CRAZY what Shaun did here. Love this scent