The Thrilla Gorilla - Beard Butter

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The Thrilla Gorilla.  A heavier scent created to celebrate the big guys 40th anniversary!  Originally released on July 9th, 1981.  He originally appeared in the classic arcade game which you can play for free!!!  Just follow the links on our website. 

This scent will hit you in the nose with the Sweet Lemon, Citrus & Oak Barrel.  After grabbing your magical hammer and hammering away you will break through the oak barrels and walk into a very pleasant musky base scent.  We do have some other fragrances in here also!  See what you can pick out!

Scent profile: Oak Barrel Musky Cologne

  • Shea Butter  -  Strengthens hair and reduces breakage with the vitamins and fatty acids packed in it.  Helps to lock in moisture.
  • Mango Butter  -  Deep Moisturizing properties to strengthen hair from the inside out.  Softens dry hair and smooths split ends. Protecting hair because of its high levels of Saturated and Mono-saturated fats.
  • Babassu Oil  -  Smooths Stands to add Softness/Shine, Reduce Frizz and make hair less prone to breakage.
  • Carrier Oil Blend  -  Provides overall hair and skin health.
    • Babassu Oil  -  Smooths Stands to add Softness/Shine, Reduce Frizz and make hair less prone to breakage.
    • Castor Oil  -  High in Vit. E, minerals, proteins and Fatty Acids. Increases circulation so hair roots grow stronger. Fills in gaps in keratin in the hair shaft.
    • Golden Jojoba Oil  -  Full of Vitamins and Minerals to protect and nourish skin.
    • Abyssinian Oil  -  Protects against environmental damage. Adds elasticity to the skin and hair creating a rich feel in beard.
    • Hemp Seed Oil  - Anti-Inflammatory. Encourages skin growth and new cell regeneration.
    • Avocado Oil  -  The Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acid deeply penetrates hair shaft to strengthen from the inside. One of only a few oils that contain MUFA.
    • Cucumber Seed Oil  - Shields skin from free radicals by reducing oxidative damage and inflammation.
  • Fragrance and/or Essential Oil


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dustin Rorer
Awesome date night scent!

I don't know why I waited for this to be the last scent to get to complete the 8-bit collection. I wore it on a night out and just like the game I got the princess at the end lol. Amazing all around musky cologne scent that lasted hours! Highly recommend the combo.

Dustin!!! Thanks for the awesome review......I don't wear this one enough but need to get this back in rotation! It is a great one!

Kevin Winters (San Antonio Texas)
The Thrilla Gorilla

8 bit is one for me new favorite beard
co. Absolutely love the oak musky scent the feel in beard truly feels amazing. Bearded friends this company is a must try !!!

Gentleman Prime
Thrilla the Gorilla is Killa

This is a incredible cologne scent. You have the perfect balances of Musk and oak I would wear this on date night. My girlfriend loves this scent as well.

Aaron Whitsell
Mind blowing

First off the smell of the thrilla gorilla is just amazing. Smooth but bold. Definitely the absolute smoothest smelling cologne oil I've used. In beard feel is great too. No greasy after feel. Just softness and actually tamed my beard without needing balm or butter. Highly recommend you try this even if you don't like traditional cologne oils. It's hits different. Smooth but not too heavy. Just right!! Get it!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥