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Reveal Your Best Self: Regain Confidence with a Clean Shave or Trim

Reveal Your Best Self: Regain Confidence with a Clean Shave or Trim

Listen…..I get it.  I run a men’s grooming company and I am telling people it’s OK to shave. And I truly believe that for specific reasons. Can beards give you confidence? Absolutely, I wrote about that here…….so why shave?

Most know we lost our youngest son in April of 2021. He was 3 and had too many medical emergencies to count.  Getting a call and driving 120 mph to the hospital, hoping this time wasn’t gonna be the day we lost him.  It takes a toll on you dealing with that over and over and over and over.

It was brutal, all the trauma he went through, the trauma our boys went through, my wife and I went through daily and still carry today.  There is no easy way to say this but I fucking miss him every single day….from the minute I wake up to when I lay down to go to sleep. 

And these small moments continue to add up and catch you off guard. You get into a new pattern of life and everyone is doing great, we are all moving along and then BAM…..a huge moment hits you. 

A memory gets triggered by something… could be smell, a random moment or another family dealing with trauma.

My latest trigger came with the “back to school” season near the beginning of August.  Another school year, another year I don’t get to put Westley on the bus.  I don’t get Westley off the bus….most times he was snoozing….something about those warm bus rides I guess. (Yes at 3 he was able to go to the most amazing pre-school in our School District).

Let me tell you……not getting to see your child grow up and hit those milestones in life is one of the most brutal feelings I have ever felt.  And I have been struggling mentally with it for 2 months.  And I haven’t shared it with anyone…even close friends.  You put on a smile and friendly face and go through the motions.  Truly not knowing what we are all dealing with.

But today is a new day. I was able to help coach my 9 year olds soccer team.  Being able to see the joy on those kids faces helped me.  I went to serve them and they ended up serving me. Serving me with joy and reviving me in life.

I realized, through reflection and prayer, I needed a change to get out of my funk. 

And not just think about changing.  I wanted to represent the change in a physical action and that was trimming my beard down to the lowest point it has been in 5 years. A little bitter sweet because our boy Westley used to tug on it but I needed this.

My point is….for some growing a beard is the change they need…..for others shaving (or trimming) their beard is the change they need.  Ultimately it is your choice and if it provides you a way to get out of a funk, give you more confidence and flat out make YOU feel better then please do it.  Don’t be afraid to shave.

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I’m sorry for your loss, Shaun. Stay Strong

Jabar Thompson,

Man, that is an incredibly sad yet powerful story. I remember when my 4 kids were young, and so was I. I use to get overwhelmed by all the things that come with raising young kids. I found myself being short tempered and always on their cases. One day I realized it was me that needed to change not them. I asked for a watch for Father’s day that year. I was not a watch person and did not own one. I’ve worn one every day since to remind me that it was time for me to change. Small changes may not look like much from the outside but the change happening on the inside can be huge. Prayers to you and your family and hoes that each day gets just a little easier. Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable enough to do so.

Jason B,

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