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Wonderful scent!

I will never be rich enough to know whether this smells like the original, but I love how it smells. Nice and citrusy, with just a hint of vanilla. My wife loves it too!

Best barbershop

I truly don't like barbershop scents I have tried many from different companies, wanted to add this to the collection but soon as I opened it and smelled it, it's truly the best scent I have ever smelled based on barbershop, it's not heavy and it's not overly powerful when you put it on and slowly mellows out. Don't know how Shaun did it but he hit the nail hard on this one and I love it

As you wish oil & candle

Shaun this one is so amazing this scent is like no other my wife loves this one so fresh and clean, definitely a spring & summer scent this is a must try guys , got the candle as well love it

True Family love

Shaun truly poured his heart into this and Its one of the best scents he has released. From the detail to the label, the packaging, the scent is beautiful and fits a spring/summer scent and love wearing it on date nights. Wish I ordered a second bottle just to collect. Can't wait to see what's next

1st time try...

This was my 1st time using 8 bit beard oil so I don't know how the previous formulation was. But the feel in beard is amazing. The smell of this is turning into one of my favorite scented beard oils. Gonna have 2 get another bottle soon since this is limited.

As You Wish

This is a fantastic scent, crisp, clean, light, & a little bubbly. Candle has a great scent duration and throws like crazy, filled my room within minutes of lighting.

Fresh Scent, Great Cause

I got the candle and oil, which are different scents from each other, but both are nice fresh clean scents! I think the oil makes a nice nighttime scent and of course the candle smells great for chilling at the end of a work day and watching a little Netflix with the lights off. Of course the oil is great for your beard as 8Bit oils are always great for your beard and skin underneath!


Great scent and greater cause! Very clean, crisp & refreshing as well as great feel in beard

I have been using Robostache Wax for the past 6 days and it has now become my #1 mustache wax. Shaun has created a fantastic mustache wax. I am a daily mustache wax user and this is an awesome mustache wax. I have used it by melting it a little before applying and just warming up in my finger tips and it applies fantastic with no clumps or residue. It leaves my mustache natural looking (without a waxy coating look). I was amazed how the hold was it is a medium but firm hold. It kept my mustache in check without any additional reapplies all day (6 am - 10 pm). It did not cause any mustache hairs to drop in my mouth during the day or while eating. I really appreciated how it applied and dried clear without any white residue on the mustache. Highly recommend this to everyone that uses a mustache wax. Dr. Robotnik is definitely a mad scientist with this mustache wax.

Thank you for trying this out for me! I knew I had this dialed in but this review just blows me away.....glad you are enjoying it so much!

Maga Cut Man

Uffda it’s good, it’s not just an ordinary barbershop scent its much more then that and it is good Shaun comes up with some great smelling products along with great in beard feel, if your lookin for some excellent barbershop or just a new scent profile look no further this is one of the best can’t go wrong with his oil and butter

T-oud town

Wow the scent profile is amazing and long lasting, powered up into my top favorites real quick. In beard feel is good also, definitely a great product and if your on the fence about it don’t be.

Mega Cut Man - Beard Oil
Adrian Danemayer
Love this aroma

The Mega Cut Man is definitely my favorite aroma, its an integral part of the morning routine now. Its zesty without being overwhelming and makes me feel like I just walked out of a barber shop even though I do all my grooming at home. Highly recommend!

Oud is back in town

First time purchasing 8bit
The butter is smooth and sweet smelling. Not over powering at all. Enjoyed the koopa sample. Will be ordering more.

Game Over!

Mega Cut Man in beard is fresh Delight! The coolest thing to me is if I was blindfolded and couldn’t see the label artwork I would still say this is an 8-bit Beard Company scent. It’s just fun like everything else I’ve tried in your lineup and works great in my beard 🙌💯

T-oud Town-

This is a wonderful scent profile that is just strong enough to capture the Blackberry in the beginning. Then you have a great combination of Oud, Amber and Frankincense. Not at all overbearing, but a nice light scent that will wow you! The feeling in beard is fantastic, leaving your beard and face soft and hydrated. This was my first purchase from 8 Bit Beard Co, but it won't be my last. Great job Shaun!

Mega Cut Man is awesome

This is my first time ever ordering a barbershop scent. It smells amazing. The bubbly scent in the beginning is a nice touch. It reminds me of when you open a bottle of sprite, that’s the scent I get, it’s almost thirst quenching lol. Then the barbershop scent comes through and lasts a very long time.

Top Barbershop Scent

Mega Cut Man is easily one of the best barbershop scents I have ever used! I love how it opens up with a citrusy puch from the lemon and lime and then mellows into a wonderful fresh barbershop scent! As usual the feel in beard is top notch! Even if you aren't typically a barbershop fan, I would recommend giving this one a try!

Pink Peach - Beard Oil
Kevin Winters
Pink peach beard oil

Originally bought the pink peach candle and that smelled so good I had to buy the beard oil guys this scent is so amazing the feel in beard also amazing as always 8 bit has amazing products !!

Grapefruit tangerine soap

Smells amazing!

Mega Cut Man - Beard Oil
The Bearded Eurich

Barbershops are my favorite! I am a barbershop lover! I knew that a collab between 8bit and Disney Beardsman would be epic. They did not disappoint. That fresh lemon lime with the light powdery barbershop is an amazing scent! This is a perfect go to for anytime of day and easily made it into my top 5!! Great job with the scent and the carrier blend is top notch! Highly recommend!

Mega cutman

Not a fan of barbershop but woah did this changed my mind! Sweet citrus blasts from the bottle but once in beard it slides back as wonderful light powdery and woodsy notes come forward. All around a refreshing scent! Bravo Shaun 👏 👏 👏 and congratulations Disney beardsmen on a great collab!

Super nourishing butter

Super nourishing and keeps my beard soft. The butter is quite soft and a little bit goes a long way.

Effevescent and clean all day

I'm a big barbershop scent fan so knowing that this wasn't a traditional (talc) barbershop scent, I wasn't certain how it was going to work out. After wearing it a few times I can say that I am extremely pleased with it - time will tell but at the moment I suspect it might be my favorite in the lineup. It has an initial fruity scent that transitions to clean effervescence, and it lasts. No matter if barbershop is your scent, you should give this a try.

Pink Peach candle

Bought this candle on release day oh my this candle scent is so freaking amazing I had to order the beard oil it’s that good guys my wife is wowed by Shaun’s candles & beard products way to go 8 bit !!

All of the scents are great! I really enjoy the T Oud Town! Where this oil shines for me is in the styling! Its absolutely amazing and rare to get these results out of an oil!