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8Bit Beard Co

Upon receiving my first 8bit order I was blown away! Super impressed! This company quickly got a spot in my top favorites! The packing, the bottles, and the delivery time were all great! The black raspberry vanilla soap smells amazing and made my skin so soft and it lathers awesome! The oils and butters are both very unique compared to anything else I’ve tried and I LOVE THEM! I got finish him and t oud town. Both smell fantastic and I highly recommend both. Finish him is a complex calming nighttime scent which could be worn any time of day in my opinion and t oud town is a great oud type cologne with awesome
Blackberry added into it. Both scents are not over or under whelming. They are just perfect amount of strength and long lasting! 10/10 first experience and I HIGHLY recommend trying 8 bit!

Love this updated scent

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game, so I am happy with this updated scent. It's a nice manly smell, but it's also one that you can use everyday which I love. It's a good strong scent that lasts a while,. I can smell it for almost the entire day when I’m at the office. I’m happy with this scent I’m not the best at describing scents but its a nice manly earth scent. Buy it!

Finish him combo

It took me a while to try 8 bit. However the two combos I have a great. Finish Him is a great way to finish your night and a very relaxing profile. If you were on the fence before don’t be no more this is the profile you’ll want to try.

Excellent products

Ive ordered several times and will definitely continue to do so! The oils are not to thin and last all day. Great scents as well. Would recommend the soaps as well

Finish Him!

Everything about this collab is awesome! Excellent product as usual. The scent is such a mellow and pleasant blend. Great for nighttime but definitely wearable anytime. The artwork on the label is just plain amazing

Another Hit!!

I love the King Koopa beard products!! The wife also loves them, which is a big plus.

Thrilla g

I slept on this scent wish i didn't this is top 4 scents by 8bit for me now + feel in beard is one of the best in the game

Great New Scent

I ordered Finish Him & Hero of Time, which I am very pleased with both scents! Hero of Time is a great day time scent and Finish Him is an excellent night time scent. I highly recommend them and as usual 8Bits oils are great part of your beard care. I also ordered the butters in each of these after getting the oils - 8Bits butters I think are the best out there! Great at scent matching the oils and the smoothest butters around!

A True Hero !!!

What An Amazing Bold Scent ! Whiskey & Vanilla with Great Smoke at the End. Feels like I’m hiking in the Woods on my own Journey !!!

Finish Him - Beard Oil
Fabrice Robin
Great Scent

I think the idea behind this scent was for a night time scent, but it can also be used for the day. There’s orange in this, so it’s not like your typical nighttime scent which is mostly just lavender. The orange gives you a nice tangy touch mixed with the lavender that is just right. I do use it at night but I have it in beard right now at the office. You get a hint at frankincense at the end too which is awesome. I like it, it’s different from the average night time scent, which I appreciate.

Thanks Shaun!

Finish him

Amazing feel in beard and one of the best relaxing bedtime scents on the market

As You Wish Beard Oil

Like other 8-Bit products, the feel in beard is excellent. Scent wise, As You Wish is beautifully crafted with all of the notes blending very well. A fantastic scent, touching story, and proceeds going to a great cause, when As You Wish comes back in stock I highly recommend picking it up.

Metal Man - Beard Oil
Cody Preisner
Metal man.

Metal as all ****. Absolutely amazing scent 🤘🏻

Great Product!!

I recently found 8-bit beard co. Shaun makes an outstanding product, and he also has great customer service!!


Tecmo Bowl would be an excellent addition to the main line up. I remember playing that game for hours as a kid. Has a fantastic apple scent to it. Feel in beard is outstanding. Shipping is fast and you usually get a free sample. 8 Bit is a great company that is unique and truly stands out from all the other beard oil companies out there. Highly recommended.


This scent smells like Football Sunday and Fall! As with all of 8 Bit Oils this feels great in beard and makes your beard feel and look amazing!

The 3 vials of power!

Several millennia ago a prophecy was written about 3 vials of power, created by King Shaun of the kingdom 8-bit. The elixir within those vials were forged from the oils of the mighty dragon Babassu and the giant cucumbers of the land called Ohio. Upon sending a raven to the kingdom of 8-bit, requesting access to the vials, you may be chosen by King Shaun to participate in the Sample Trials. They include such near-impossible feats as beating Level 2-2 in Ninja Gaiden, throwing the blasted rope in TMNT, and assisting Fester with his Quest. Upon completing these tasks, King Shaun will grace you - with help of the army called USPS - with the three vials of power. When applied to your beard, you shall gain the looks of the Power Glove and the beard softness of which songs will be written for eons.

Tl;dr - these oils are incredible and the sample pack is a great way to try several scents!

Great stuff

This stuff is great!! Not just for the scents and the quality but as collectors items to.

Bubble Man - Beard Oil
Leonardo Coronado
Bubble Man It Smells Great!

Another great scent from 8 bit! Smells like a light cologne and my wife loves how it smells on me! It lasts all day and feels great in my beard. Highly recommend!

Tecmo Amazing scent

By far my favorite scent. I'm a huge fan of the cologne series but this tecmo bowl oil has become my daily driver 👌👌. This one has to become a permanent in the lineup.

Mega Cut Man.....The Holy Grail of Barbershop Scents

Coming from the wet shaving world I have tried several Barbershop scented shave soaps & aftershaves, but THIS IS definitely one of, if not my favorite Barbershop scents of all time. It is definitely the best Barbershop scent in the beard world in my humble opinion.
The scent is very well blended, it's almost like 7up or Sprite on top of a powdery barbershop scent with talc, barbicide, and oak moss to round it out. I hope I or Shaun Never runs out of this.
The performance is wonderful, a top tier performer with the scent hanging around for hours.
My only regret is I don't have a cologne or mustache wax in this scent.
Definitely don't sleep on this one, it is amazing. Amazing work Shaun, 8-Bit is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

What an intoxicating scent

First off, wonderful performance on this oil, the scent is very classy, and in no way too strong, just strong enough for other to ask what you're wearing. Only regret is hopefully it will come in the beard butter as well. Wonderful job Shaun.

Almond Coconut - Soap Bar

My favorite

I've tried lots of beard oils from different makers including much of the line-up from 8-Bit and this is by far my favorite of all of them. Perfect balance of fruity yet manly which can be hard to accomplish.

Try the Cologne Series

I apparently was the first to order the new Cologne Series samplers and I have to say I'm impressed. Knight man and Metal Man are my favorites.