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Beard Oil | Classic Essentials Blend

100% Natural, No Fragrance Oil, Classic Essentials Collection

Indulge in the "Classic Essentials" collection to experience the unique personality and scent of each character from the iconic world of Pac-Man. Embrace the nostalgia and let these scents transport you to the thrilling maze of retro gaming adventures. All scent blends created with Premium Grade Essential Oils only.  Never any Fragrance Oils.


Golden Jojoba Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Squalane, Cucumber Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Premium Essential Oil Blend (Learn more Here)

Beard Oil is the Player 1 for any beards man and amazing at any beard stage.

💪 Game-Changing Benefits:

  • Enhanced Beard Health: Just as power-ups boost your in-game abilities, our beard oil enhances your facial hair health. It softens and tames unruly beard hair, reducing itchiness and promoting a healthy, radiant beard.

Power-Up your Beard Game!

 *We recommend pairing this with a Butter or Balm to help deep condition and shape your beard.

Beard Oil | Classic Essentials Blend


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