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👃 Scent List

Signature Blend Beard Oil

Toud Town - Blackberry, Cypress, Oud

King Koopa - Citrus, Sweet Pipe, Vanilla

Cut Man - Carbonated Citrus, Barbershop (Talc)

Orca - Tropical, Citrus, Cedar

Thrilla Gorilla - Lemon, Oak, Musk

Duck Hunter - Fragrance-Free

Finish Him - Orange, Frankincense, Lavender

Hero of Time - Whiskey, Smoked Vanilla, Oud

Bubble Man - Citrus, Vanilla, Cedar

Knight Man - Bergamot, Pepper, Woody Ambroxan

Mega Man 2 - Crisp Barbershop (no talc), Mint, Musk


Limited Beard Oil (available now)

Tecmo Bowl - Crisp Fruit, Fresh Clover, Leather (seasonal)

NEW! Tomahawk Man - Woodsy, Leather, Masculine Cologne

NEW! Shadow Man - Crisp Citrus, Warm Spice, Refined Cologne

NEW! Gemini Man - Fresh Citrus, Woodsy, Mythical Cologne

 Blue Devil - Mango, Floral Apple, Leather (sample only)


Seasonal/Limited Beard Oil

Dreamland - Fruity Stripe Bubble Gum (Seasonal)

Hammered Bro - Apple Cider, Cinnamon, Bourbon (Seasonal)

Pink Peach - Peach, Papaya, Mango (Seasonal)

Second Banana - Cherry, Banana Split Sundae (Seasonal)

Smash Bros - Cherry, Green Apple (Seasonal)

8bit Party - Fizzy Birthday Cake (Limited)

As You Wish - Apple, Salty Sea Breeze, Amber (Charity/Limited)

Metal Man - Cranberry, Saffron, Red Wood (No longer available)

Spirit Maiden - Sweet Amber, Cedar, Sage (No longer available)


Bar Soap (Beard/Body/Hands)

List coming soon.....


Beard Wash/Conditioner

List coming soon.....