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SOFTEN. NOURISH. CONDITION. Free Beard Oil Sample $50+ | Free US Shipping $75+

Customer Reviews

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Nice Essential Oils

When I got this I couldn’t wait to try the ghost hunter. So I started with Inky, since I’m not that much into minty scents. To my surprise, the scent was amazing, as well as Clyde and Pinky. Out of all the woodsy scents I’ve tried, Blinky is the best. Ghost hunter was alright. Inky is my favorite out of them all.

J. Miller
essentials sample pack

oil is light, absorbs quick, softens and styles well. i shower at night, beard wash daily, apply oil and style. that's it, nothing else. next day i puff it back up and go about my day as a service tech. this stuff does the job, holds up the entire work day and i don't itch ever when i use it. when testing, i use an oil exclusively for about 10 days to run it through every scenario possible. if it passes the tests, i buy a full size. when this pack runs out, pinky will hold a permanent spot in the rotation. next up is the original sampler, lol

Joel Wilhelm
Fantastic Beard Care

I have 3 favorite scents in the essentials line up . They’re a fresh and crisp scents and a complete surprise to my sniffer. 8 bit leaves my face feeling good so to me this is a win win ! Great in beard feel and a scent line that I’d be surprised if everyone couldn’t find a favorite or 2 . Definitely recommend 8Bit I know I’ll be a returning customer.


just a phenomenal product. great scents, every last one of them. the conditioning properties are quite something, too. i love the branding, too. great idea/concept. you can tell a lot of thought and effort went into creating these. if you cannot decide on a scent, i’d start here. that said, every single scent is a total banger.

Thanks for dropping this review Matt!

8bit Beard Co.

Ian Watson
Classics indeed

So after some deliberation, I decided to just get the sample pack instead of the scents I thought I’d love, good thing too because it was nice to try them all. Like everything else if gotten from 8 but I’m quite pleased. If you have any doubts at all grab the classics sample pack, you can try them all at a good price. Gent approved. 🎩🎩🎩

Thanks for rocking with us so long Ian!

8bit Beard Co.

Power-Up Classic Sample Pack | Beard Oil

100% Natural, Handcrafted, No Fragrance Oil, Classic Essentials Collection

Don't worry if you're new to 8bit – our Power-Up Classic Starter Pack takes the guesswork out of your next purchase and let's you try all our Classic Essentials Blend Scents!

  • Only Premium Grade Essential Oils
  • No Fragrance Oils Ever
  • 100% Natural and Organic
  • Softens Hair
  • Nourishes Both Hair & Skin
  • Conditions to Improve Beard Health
  • Handcrafted in Ohio
Power-Up Classic Sample Pack | Beard Oil

Review Videos
DanC Bearded

Scent List:
Ghost Hunter - Zesty Lemon, Creamy Vanilla
Pinky - Pink Grapefruit, Crisp Citrus
Inky - Fresh Eucalyptus, Double Mint
Blinky - Fresh Cut Pine, Double Wood
Clyde - Sweet Orange, Smooth Cedar


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    For Best Results, Apply to a Damp Beard

    • Shake Well
    • Use at least one tap on bottom of bottle per inch of beard
      • Think....less is more at first.  You can always add more if needed.
    • Rub oil between palms
    • Massage oil up into skin and beard making sure to spread evenly
    • Style as Needed

    100% Natural, No Fragrance Oil, All Essential Oil Collection

    • Golden Jojoba Oil - Full of Vitamins and Minerals to protect and nourish skin.
    • Abyssinian Oil - Protects against environmental damage. Adds elasticity to the skin and hair creating a rich feel in beard.
    • Squalane - 100% Plant derived, ultra light and fast absorbing. Found naturally in skin and an amazing hydrator for our skin.  A secondary benefit is the ability to protect hair from heat, add shine and help reduce breakage.
    • Cucumber Seed Oil - Shields skin from free radicals by reducing oxidative damage and inflammation.
    • Avocado Oil - The Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acid deeply penetrates deep into the hair shaft to strengthen from the inside.
    • Premium Grade Essential Oil Blend

    Soften, Nourish and Condition

    Soften, Nourish & Condition Your Beard and Skin to Alleviate Beard Itch and Improve Your Beard Health.

    Hand Crafted with natural and organic ingredients to make sure you are looking, feeling, and smelling your best. Our oil blend is a medium, non-greasy blend designed to absorb fast and last all day. This blend took me the the better part of a year to develop and formulate.

    Have a dry and itchy beard?  This specific blend Softens and tames your beard hair and flyawaysNourishes your skin and beard to provide key nutrients you need as your beard grows.  Conditions your skin to reduce your beard itch.  All together this creates a balanced environment for hair growth, repairs damaged hair and Improves your overall Beard health.

    Our Butter is considered a full body butter and a little goes a long way.  It was designed to be a deep condtitioning butter and can be worn during the day or at night.  It will help shape your beard even with no wax in it.

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    As my company continues to grow, I am now offering a mix and match discount when you pickup two or more items. I heard you like to buy multiple of the same items and get the bundle discount so here it is!

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