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Customer Reviews

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Ryan McSweeney
Great Daily Wash!

This stuff is excellent - I shake it up and use it every day on my head and beard hair and it cleans very well without drying anything out. I really didn't think I was going to find a replacement for my usual head hair shampoo and conditioner in a beard product, but this stuff does the job very well!

Jordan Calderwood
Citrus Power FTW

Love the citrus scent - most prominent scent is Orange, and it's just right - not too strong, but clear enough to get a bright citrus burst. Gets the job done, and you honestly can't ask for much more than that.

Erica Ryan
Strong hair and rejuvenating scent

Used both the wash and conditioner together for the first time on my hair and when I got out I didn’t need to add any leave in conditioner like I typically do. My hair felt strong and full of volume to make my hair feel thick. The scent was refreshing and left me feeling ready for the day! (Female reviewer using it on my hair).