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John Kearney
Kick A$$ Stache Wax

This Stache wax is amazing, it is strong enough to hold a handlebar together all day, but also mild enough if you just want it to keep the Stache off your lip. I have done both, and this wax is very diverse in being able to achieve one or the other, in my experience most waxes are light hold or strong hold, with the strong holds making your upper lip feeling like there's a brick sitting on it. This wax is a lot like good whiskey, a little Dan will do ya.
If one day Shawn starts scenting these, oh what a glorious day 🤘😎🤘
Definitely give it a try, for the price is is already a good deal, and a great bang for your buck.

Andrew Marron
Robostache wax

The Robostache wax has a great scent, and unlike other waxes on the market, easily washes off of your fingers after application. It has strong hold, but you can still run a comb through it at any time. One of the coolest wax tins as well. Well definitely buy again.

Don L

I have been using Robostache Wax for the past 6 days and it has now become my #1 mustache wax. Shaun has created a fantastic mustache wax. I am a daily mustache wax user and this is an awesome mustache wax. I have used it by melting it a little before applying and just warming up in my finger tips and it applies fantastic with no clumps or residue. It leaves my mustache natural looking (without a waxy coating look). I was amazed how the hold was it is a medium but firm hold. It kept my mustache in check without any additional reapplies all day (6 am - 10 pm). It did not cause any mustache hairs to drop in my mouth during the day or while eating. I really appreciated how it applied and dried clear without any white residue on the mustache. Highly recommend this to everyone that uses a mustache wax. Dr. Robotnik is definitely a mad scientist with this mustache wax.

Thank you for trying this out for me! I knew I had this dialed in but this review just blows me away.....glad you are enjoying it so much!