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Scott W
Cutman Butter

Writing this review at 2:45pm after applying Cutman Beard Butter at 6:15am this morning. I still smell fresh and clean like I just walked out of a barber shop. And yes, my beard feels soft too. 8Bit never disappoints.

Randy Sanchez
Never Disappoints

8 Bit has some of the best beard products out there, period! Great scents, easy to apply and great customer service sum things up for these folks!

Cut man butter

The feel in the beard n smell is phenomenal me n my salt n pepper beard loves it . I would highly highly recommend this companies oils n butters. Im a repeated customer im very finicky with products for my beard n this company meets all my standards

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Josh Bruckmann

Very good Barbershop sent it is unique in its own way but still holds the classic Barbershop feel as this is a good collab with Mega man I personally like this 1A lot this is in my top 3 on Barbershop sents right now for me personally I really recommend this company they are great to work with awesome ingredients and products that are hand made an awesome sents Support local. businesses support small business... they have great smelling candles everything