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Favorite night time butter

Finish him is easily my favorite night time scent I've ever tried. I've tried similar scents from other companies in the past but they are all either too orange heavy or too lavender heavy for my liking. 8-Bit has the blend down perfectly and the addition of frankincense is a nice touch. The butter itself is a really nice nourishing formula. The consistency is great and it melts down easily in the hands. Wake up every day with a soft and amazing smelling beard. 100% will be buying more.

William B
Finish him butter

Get over here!! And try this butter for yourself, it’s a must try. The butter is perfect for nighttime nourishment, it melts down great and rinses out perfectly in the morning. The scent was good in the jar but in beard it is amazing, manly, yet calming and relaxing. This has worked its way into my night routine.

Chris Perez
When you get back from Earthworld and you just wanna sleep

Man I just got back from Earthworld and imma tell you what, that place is crazy. Some old feller is there trying to eat people's souls and can change his body into theirs. He got this ashy-looking ninja turtle feller with 4 arms who whoops people's behinds in some tournament and if he wins, this other feller with a hammer takes over the earth. Then these guys showed up: two guys in pajamas, a lady who shoots bracelets, a feller who likes to punch people in the junk, a bootleg Bruce Lee, a dude with a robot eyeball, and a flying feller with a pointy hat. And man lemme tell you what, they were fightin' like it was 99% off eggs at the Piggly Wiggly: rippin' heads off and whatnot. Finally one of them beat up that ashy ninja turtle and beat up the decrepit-lookin' old dude and I was finally able to return home. When I got back I had a long beard and couldn't sleep due to the horrors I witnessed in Earthworld. Luckily I found this here butter to help calm me down and send me to DreamLand (where there happens to live this vaccum-pillow monster, but that's for another story)

Tl;dr: all jokes aside, this butter is FANTASTIC. The scent is really pleasant and calming and is perfect for nighttime or anytime!

Finish Him Beard Butter

This butter is super smooth and leaves my beard feeling amazing. The scent is relaxing and enjoyable making it perfect to use before bed. Well done, 8-bit!

Louis German
Finish him butter

When I first opened it I was like ok not what I was expecting scent wise.put in beard and wow it opens up. The butter is great makes my beard soft the scent is a great night time scent for me. Definitely will buying more